Top 5 Electrical Engineering Universities in Germany in 2023

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Top 5 Electrical Engineering Universities in Germany | If you are considering your electrical engineering studies in Germany, we have got you with the list of best electrical engineering colleges in Germany.

Top 5 Electrical Engineering Universities in Germany

Let’s first know about electrical engineering a bit. Electrical engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the technology, study, and applications of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.

It emerged as an occupation in the late 19th century after the commercialization of electric devices and systems.

Electrical engineering covers a wide range of subfields and components, from microchips to power stations, and from telephones to computers. Electrical engineers design, test and develop electrical equipment and systems for various industries and purposes.

Since electrical engineering and information technology greatly influence our day-to-day life with their technical innovations, whether it might be cell phones, microchips, batteries for electric cars, robot controls, energy supplies in wind power plants, and intelligent data compression during image transmission.

Electrical engineering and information technology were both used in the invention of every piece of machinery, component, and process.

Below is a list of top 5 electrical engineering colleges in Germany with a chunk of detail along with each of them so that you can judge and compare which one suits you the best.

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RWTH Aachen University:

The University offers M.Sc. in Information Technology, Electrical engineering, and Computer Engineering. The objective for this master’s course of study is to educate and train highly qualified, responsible engineers for management positions in teaching, research, industry, and society in the field of electrical engineering, information technology, and computer engineering.

The college offers this degree with 4 semesters of studies and 120 ECTS Credits. Admission requirements are first university degree, required qualifications according to the examination regulations.

It also requires a good proficiency in English, as the candidate must be fluent in the language to get the concepts clear at once. The course includes an Industrial internship in the 3rd semester for 18 weeks (about 4 months).

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Dresden University of Technology:

At the Dresden University of Technology, the requirement for admission is the general high-school graduation certificate (Abitur) or a comparable qualification for admission to higher education. 

The creation, development, distribution, and use of complex systems based on electrical, electronic, and information engineering components and devices falls within the broad subject area of engineering.

At the Technical University of Dresden, the study programme in Electrical Engineering is an integrated five-year (single tier) programme leading to a Diplom-Ingenieur degree.

The programme thus includes both bachelor’s and master’s level. The Diploma degree is equivalent to the master’s degree.

It is divided into four semesters of basic studies and six semesters of advanced studies including a basic internship of six weeks, a specialized internship of 20 weeks and the Diploma thesis.

University of Stuttgart:

There are 6 specializations to choose from at the University of Stuttgart, in the field of electrical engineering. They are smart information processing, communication systems, nano- and optoelectronics, power-electronic systems and technologies, smart sensors, and electromagnetics and applications. 

The prerequisites for admission are a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, information technology or other related field; ability to work and learn independently, and English language proficiency (minimum C1 or equivalent).

After the programme, global employment opportunities are open to graduates, in research and development (R&D), the technical management or business sectors of industrial companies, or they may also continue with a doctoral degree.

University of Erlangen Nuremberg:

It is a 4 yearlong on campus degree. The eligibility criteria are based upon the high school degree or abitur or equivalent, school leaving certificate, bachelor’s degree, marksheets of all the examinations undertaken, and accompany by a German/English translation is required.

Career is in the field of Engineering services, electric power generating installations, Indian railways, aerospace manufacture industry, and automobile industry.

At the university, a broad spectrum of fields is a core part of teaching, which focuses on providing students with the essential foundations and methods.  Students can choose from a variety of interdisciplinary degree programmes.

Technical University of Munich:

With the ability to choose a specific field of specialty, the curriculum combines knowledge of specialized and methodological fundamentals with possibilities to choose a career path or apply for a master’s degree.

The language of instruction is German. The standard duration of studies is 6 semesters with 180 ECTS credits. The beginning of the degree is from winter semester (October).

The required language proficiency is German. The first four semesters cover the basics in the areas of electrical engineering, mathematics, physics, information technology and signals and systems.

Whereas a fundamentals and orientation exam give all those interested in the program the opportunity to orient themselves to the discipline’s content. Therefore, students demonstrate that they have mastered the essential foundations. 

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