Fully Funded Scholarships in UK

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Fully Funded Scholarships in UK: There are more than 1500 scholarships available at UK top universities for the academic year 2022-2023. Full Scholarships For International Students In USA

In addition to tuition fees and accommodation charges, these scholarships cover health insurance and travel expenses. The average stipend per month is £2000.

Full Scholarships For International Students In USA

Study at world-class universities such as the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College, University of Stirling, University of Bristol, University of London, Westminster University and many more with fully-funded scholarships.

Lis of Fully Funded Scholarships in the UK

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

An international student can receive a fully funded Cambridge Scholarship from Gates Cambridge.

Graduate students and postdoctoral researchers are eligible for the scholarship.

The scholarship pays out a stipend per annum of £17,000, provides health insurance and academic development funding of up to £2,000, and provides a family allowance.

Cambridge University MBA Scholarship

  • MBA Scholarships are available to international students at Cambridge University.
  • The scholarship will provide financial assistance of up to £30,000 towards tuition fees and travel and accommodation expenses for the internship.

Clarendon Scholarship

  • International students at Oxford University can apply for the Clarendon Scholarship, which is fully funded.
  • Masters and PhD students can apply for this scholarship. There is a grant of £15,009 to cover living costs on top of the total tuition fee.

Chevening Scholarship UK (Fully Funded)

  • The Chevening Scholarships are fully funded scholarships for international students. It is available only to students who wish to pursue masters-level studies.
  • Scholarships by Chevening cover tuition costs, living allowances, a return flight to the UK, and grants and allowances for essential expenses.
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Rotary Peace Fellowship Program

  • International students can apply for Rotary Peace Fellowships, which are fully funded scholarships.
  • However, only master’s and PhD’s students can apply for these scholarships.
  • The Rotary Peace Fellowships program covers tuition, fees, room and board, round-trip transportation, and internship and field-study expenses.

Simmons University Kotzen Scholarships

  • The Kotzen Scholarship Program offers scholarships for international students at Simmons University.
  • The scholarship is available for undergraduate studies.
  • This scholarship covers tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board for the entire year.

Imperial College London PhD Scholarship

  • The Imperial College London PhD Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship for international students.
  • The Imperial College London PhD Scholarship is fully funded for up to ten students.
  • A tax-free contribution of £16,553 per year is offered in addition to tuition fees.

GEMS International Undergraduate Scholarship

  • Students from around the world are eligible for full-funded scholarships with GEMS International Undergraduate Scholarships.
  • This program offers a £2,000 annual fee reduction over four years.

The University of Bristol Think Big Scholarship

  • The University of Bristol offers think significant scholarships to international students.
  • Undergraduate and masters studies are eligible to apply for this scholarship, which provides up to £20,000 in fee waivers to offset tuition fees.
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University of Edinburgh PhD Scholarships

  • The PhD Scholarships at the University of Edinburgh are fully funded scholarships for international students.
  • The program covers tuition fees plus maintenance fees of £14,500 per year.

University of East Anglia Scholarship

  • The University of East Anglia Scholarship is a full-fee scholarship open to international students.
  • Masters studies are available under this award. Scholarships are available for the total cost of tuition.

Global Excellence Postgraduate Taught Scholarship

  • Scholarships offered by the University of Dundee for Global Excellence Postgraduate Taught Scholarship 2021 are partially funded.
  • They are open to international students from all over the world.
  • Scholarships under this category are only available to postgraduate students.
  • A Global Excellence Postgraduate Taught Scholarship for one year will provide £5,000 in funding.
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Goldsmiths International Response Scholarship

  • Scholarships for international students are available through Goldsmiths International Response Scholarships.
  • Scholarships is available for graduate study and undergraduate.
  • This program covers tuition fee waiver, accommodation fee waiver, and £8,825 for each year of study. Also Read: What is a Net Price Calculator?