High Demand Jobs in Canada 2023 for Immigrants

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High Demand Jobs in Canada | The Canadian labor market has undergone significant shift since the epidemic in 2022, and employers have had trouble filling unfilled positions. Jobs in Canada.

The Canadian government is letting in an increasing number of immigrants to help the labor market grow in order to fill the shortages.

High Demand Jobs in Canada 2023

If you meet the requirements for a position that is in high demand, you will have more options to immigrate to Canada.

Every year, a group of Canadian specialists gets together to compile a list of all the positions with the highest predicted demand, the greatest availability, the best wage estimates, and the greatest potential for professional advancement.

As a result, it’s essential to do your homework on the jobs that are in demand in Canada for immigrants.

In this manner, you can more effectively organize your methods for finding employment after you arrive in Canada and set to work obtaining the necessary credentials.

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1) Accounting Technicians and Bookkeepers:

One of the most sought-after occupations in Canada is accounting, including bookkeeping and CPAs. If you meet the requirements for a position in this field, they are currently so high demand that you could be eligible to use the Canadian Immigration Express Entry System to immigrate to Canada.

Future job positions are anticipated to increase for both immigrants and students, so if you are well organized, skilled with numbers, and detail-oriented, there are excellent prospects for professional advancement accessible. Annual salary ranges between $39K to $80K.

2) Administrative Assistants:

Throughout the past several years, there have been several changes in the workplace for administrative assistants.

They now do much more than just assist with secretarial work. Administrative assistants are now more frequently viewed as Office Managers, capable of supporting a variety of departments, including those that handle marketing and bookkeeping.

Administrative Assistants are still in high demand because of this evolution and the ongoing development of technology, especially if you have a broad variety of skills in project management, events planning, and marketing.

If you have the necessary credentials, this is a fantastic chance for foreigners as there are predicted to continue to be more job openings than applicants for these roles in the approaching years.

Annual salary ranges between $37K to $69K for entry level assistants whereas for senior level, it can go up to $98K.

3) Sales Representative:

On our list of high-paying positions in Canada for immigrants, sales agents appear. You must possess strong marketing abilities, a bachelor’s degree, and some work experience to be eligible for this role. Speaking more than one language, especially English and French, gives you an advantage over the competitors.

In Canada, there are several different roles that fall under the wide category of sales representatives, including inside sales representative, outside sales representative, technical sales representative, retail sales representative, and more. The salary can vary depending on the job and seniority. The annual salary ranges near about $50K.

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4) IT Project Manager:

This industry keeps expanding quickly because of technological advancement. This position is ideal for those who want to create and oversee IT projects, including their budget, schedule, and scope.

Although being an IT project manager in Canada is not required to have a license or certification, having project management credentials like the PMP Certification improves your employment prospects.

In Canada, project management has a wide range of applications, thus it’s crucial for businesses to employ staff who can adapt to the changing business climate.

Businesses respect project managers highly because they may aid organizations in a variety of ways, including project planning and organization, leadership, communication, risk management, budgeting and cost control, and quality management. Annual salary begins at $95K.

5) Customer Service Representative:

Customer service representatives are seeing significant changes in their jobs as a result of workplace changes brought on by the epidemic and technological improvements. Customer Service Representatives are now able to offer a much more individualized experience to customers across multiple channels, including via mobile phones, social media, chatbots, emails, and phones, thanks to automation, AI (artificial intelligence) integrations, and other software improvements.

Customer service representatives with knowledge of several communication methods are in higher demand. There are many prospects for employment and advancement in this industry in Canada if you are tech savvy, have excellent people skills, and experience working with customers and CRM systems. Annual salary range begins from $43K for entry level workers while it can range up to $73K for senior level.