How To Get Internship In Microsoft?

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A Microsoft internship might seem impossible, but if you have the right skills and a passion for technology, an internship with Microsoft might be right for you. How To Get Internship In Microsoft

As an intern at Microsoft, you’ll get to work on real-life projects, make valuable connections, and be a part of the company’s culture that makes it a leader in its field.

You can read on to learn what Microsoft’s internship program entails, as well as how you can get your foot in the door.

How To Get Internship In Microsoft

Know the Basics.

The Microsoft Corporation offers a variety of internship programs for high school students and university students, from software engineers to project managers and marketers.

As well as gaining industry experience, you will also receive a competitive salary, relocation benefits, and other perks.

But to qualify, if you wish to be eligible for this great package, you must be a full-time student majoring in a relevant field or enrolled in a PhD program, returning to university or college after the internship to complete a course. Read: Fully Funded Scholarships in UK

Find the proper role.

Take a look at the available internships and decide which one best fits your skills and interests.

Microsoft has an easy-to-use careers website that lists all available internship opportunities and their job duties.

High school internships

A paid internship programme is available for high school students in western Washington to work with full-time software engineers.

In addition, they offer a Minecraft programming and digital art camp and a three-day summer internship in software engineering.

The internships run from June to August, and you must be a high school student, 16 or older, to qualify.

University internships

Microsoft offers internships in the following areas, depending on your location and level of education

PhD internships

Students with a PhD are also offered internships throughout the year in either the product team or Microsoft research (MSR).

Internships at Microsoft typically last 12 weeks, allowing graduates to gain exposure to the research culture at the company. How To Get Internship In Microsoft

Focus on your resume

It’s the first glimpse of your skills, attributes and personality that hiring managers see, so you need to make it count.

Your CV should be tailored to the position you’re applying for, including relevant keywords.

You can either use Microsoft’s CV builder or submit your own version. Use the second to make sure your application stands out!

Submit your application.

You need to send your resume and references from previous managers or university professors, as mentioned above.

Additionally, if you have a referee within Microsoft who can help push your CV to the top, why not start networking? How To Get Internship In Microsoft

You can do this by attending university fairs or by searching for Microsoft recruiters on LinkedIn.

Opportunities for internships are posted periodically throughout the year, so make sure to visit Microsoft’s internships listings regularly.

Ace the interview

In general, the interview process can vary according to your application and location, but it will usually go like this:

Screening interview

Following any online assessment tests, the first step is typically a telephone interview with a Microsoft recruiter to ask general questions to learn more about you. Suggested: How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself”

It’s essential to brush up on your interview skills at this point to ensure you appear confident.

Usually takes 30 minutes, and you’ll be asked a series of questions about your university course, technical knowledge, work experience, and skills.

Second interview

After impressing your potential boss, you’ll be invited to Microsoft’s headquarters for a series of interviews with different managers. How To Get Internship In Microsoft

The interviews could take place with up to four other candidates and will be based on a series of technical challenges and problems.

Prepare a portfolio showcasing the work you have completed and how it can be applied to your role as an intern.

Also, think of some great questions to ask!

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Get offer from Microsoft

As soon as you’ve survived round interviews, it’s time to breathe a big sigh of relief and wait for the results.

You should receive an answer within two weeks of applying to the internship programme.

When you are an intern, you will be assigned a mentor under whom you will work, and you will be given information about accommodations, pay, and your start date.

If you are accepted for an internship, you’ll be treated as one of the team members as you will participate in daily meetings, make presentations, and design your projects.How To Get Internship In Microsoft

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