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Scholarships with No limits in Germany: IU provides unlimited scholarships. The International University of Applied Sciences in Germany’s top-ranked university, with more than 75,000 students and a high-quality curriculum.

We have over 350 courses and 200 degrees, So there’s bound to be something to meet your requirements whether you opt to attend a campus class or Online.

Can’t you afford a college degree?

Don’t worry! That is why it does not matter your origins, where you are in your life today, or your country of origin. Many options are available to you.

Since its inception at the end of 1998, IU has established a vast network of alumni, partners, and students worldwide.

It is currently seeking individuals who are more determined and want to join the university to broaden their perspectives.

It is deeply embedded in the philosophy of IU to make education open to everyone. You deserve a quality education that will help you build your career and help you create the future you’ve always wanted.

IU offers a spot and the opportunity for an award for students like you.

Scholarships For International Students in USA

With our fantastic scholarship opportunities and ability to apply without cost and be one of \many students who made it through this chance.

IU has provided more than 50 million euros worth of scholarship funds to students in need across Europe to Africa and even from Africa to Europe, Asia in Asia, and South America. Further details on the Scholarship program can be found below.

IU Germany Scholarship | Scholarships With No Limits in Germany

There aren’t any conditions associated with IU’s scholarship programs, including no repayment and no interest charges, and only financial assistance for those in need.

With a simple admission process and easy application procedure, it is possible to apply in a matter of minutes.

IU scholarships can pay for your entire education by submitting a single application, meaning you don’t have to worry over the long-term future of your school.

There is no additional information to submit the initial application for admission or submit it each year! Scholarships are offered for the online options for study.

Please find more information about our scholarship programs and your options, and the best option for you through our site.

What are the possibilities for IU Do for you?

As the most well-known Online based university, IU has a range of choices for your choice of flexibility.

Online options let students manage studies and work by offering flexibility in learning hours, apprehensible exams, and online forums to discuss their analysis with other students.

If you choose to live on campus, you will have the chance to reside in Germany in two gorgeous places.

Berlin is Germany’s capital city, and Bad Honnef, a quaint town in the countryside.

With our campus options, students will obtain an 18-month post-study Visa following their graduation, which allows them to begin their career in the middle of Europe.

Both programs offer top-quality instruction and teachers who have more than five years of expertise in their respective fields and provide accredited certificates when completed, and generate experts of the highest quality who are employed.

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