St Cross College Fully Funded Scholarship 2022

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St Cross College Fully Funded Scholarship 2022: St Cross offers a number of scholarships every year to new students. The information on scholarships offered at St Cross to students who apply in 2020/21 can be found here.

St Cross College Fully Funded Scholarship 2022

The St Cross College Fully Funded Scholarship 2022-2023 is a masters partially funded award for international students studying at the University of Oxford. The award is worth P10,000.

In the course of the course, the winning scholar will get the first choice for a room within College Accommodation (at the standard rent).

Six Worldwide Scholarships will be granted to the applicants who are eligible, with one Scholarship granted for each continent (Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America as well as Oceania).

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Each award is worth PS10,000, and the purpose is to offer financial aid for a graduate student that has been admitted for an all-year master’s (MSc/MSt) degree at the University of Oxford and cannot obtain full financial support from other sources.

St Cross College Scholarship 2022 Overview

College Name: St Cross College Oxford OX1 3LZ

Website link:

Founded: 1965

Level of Study: Masters

Institution: University of Oxford

Students in: UK

Program Duration: One year

Courses Offered St Cross College:

  1. Theology
  2. Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (Stand-Alone
  3. Traditional China
  4. Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology
  5. Water Science, Policy and Management
  6. World Literatures in English
  7. Ancient Philosophy
  8. African Studies
  9. Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition
  10. Archaeology
  11. Archaeological Science
  12. Biodiversity, Conservation and Management
  13. Economics for Development
  14. Economic and Social History
  15. Education (Child Development and Education)
  16. Education (Comparative and International Education
  17. Education (Research Design and Methodology)
  18. Education (Higher Education)
  19. Environmental Change and Management
  20. Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation
  21. English
  22. English and American Studies
  23. Financial Economics
  24. Global Governance and Diplomacy
  25. Global Health Science and Epidemiology
  26. Global and Imperial History
  27. Greek and/or Latin Languages and Literature
  28. Greek and/or Roman History
  29. Classical Armenian Studies
  30. Classical Archaeology
  31. Classical Hebrew Studies
  32. Comparative Literature and Critical Translation
  33. Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology
  34. Clinical Embryology
  35. Comparative Social Policy
  36. Computer Science
  37. Criminology and Criminal Justice
  38. Contemporary Chinese Studies
  39. Diplomatic Studies
  40. Mathematical and Computational Finance
  41. Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing
  42. Mathematical Sciences
  43. Mathematical and Theoretical Physics
  44. Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science
  45. Medical Anthropology
  46. Medieval Studies
  47. Modern Languages
  48. Migration Studies
  49. Modern Middle Eastern Studies
  50. Modern South Asian Studies
  51. Music
  52. Philosophical Theology
  53. Philosophy of Physics
  54. Pharmacology
  55. Political Theory Research
  56. Politics Research
  57. Psychological Research
  58. History
  59. History of Science, Medicine and Technology
  60. History of Art and Visual Culture
  61. Integrated Immunology
  62. International Health and Tropical Medicine
  63. Japanese Studies
  64. Korean Studies
  65. Late Antique and Byzantine Studies
  66. Law and Finance
  67. Latin American Studies
  68. Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics
  69. Slavonic Studies
  70. Social Anthropology
  71. Social Data Science
  72. Social Science of the Internet
  73. Sociology
  74. Statistical Science
  75. Study of Religions
  76. Syriac Studies
  77. Nature, Society and Environmental Governance
  78. Neuroscience
  79. Oriental Studies
  80. Refugee and Forced Migration Studies

Eligibility Criteria for St Cross College Scholarship

Candidates must meet all of the requirements listed below in order to be eligible for the St Cross College Scholarship:

Required Language: English

Countries Eligible World Countries.

The application was accepted by The University of Oxford for a one-year Master’s (MSc/MSt) course.

Academic excellence.

Have accepted and received a provisional spot at St Cross College (preference may be given to those who have chosen St Cross as their first option).

In the month of October 2022, they’ll take their place.

You must prove that you can pay the remaining costs (minus PS10,000) before the deadline for application.

Meals and accommodations:

The accommodation is accessible in St Cross on a first-come and first-served basis. 53 rooms with en-suite facilities will be available at the newly constructed West Wing building on the main site along with the existing 18 rooms on the building’s South Wing. There are 25 rooms available in homes near on the site’s main building, including 49 rooms in the Annexe located on St Cross Road, and 44 rooms with en-suite facilities in specially-built student housing located off Cowley Road.

One apartment and a room suite are offered to couples, however the college is unable to offer accommodation that is suitable for families.Laundry facilities and kitchen facilities are provided in all student accommodation areas.

Services for libraries and information technology

The brand-new West Wing located at St Cross College offers a brand new lecture hall and seminar rooms. There is also an extensive library that has been renovated and the cafe.

St Cross College has a general library that includes works by members and fellows from the institution.

Computer rooms are accessible for student use both on the main campus as well as in Annexe. Annexe accommodations building. Each study room has a network connection and WiFi connectivity is available all over the main campus.

Music, sports and facilities for colleges

St Cross has an active Art Committee which offers a variety of activities, which are often student-led and centered around the outdoors. They include talks, a photography contest with a prize for artwork, trips to galleries, exhibitions and theatres as well being a regular Musical Evening.

The college is home to a variety of clubs for sports, and an agreement between the college and Wolfson College enables St Cross students to join their sport teams and clubs (with access to facilities) and include the highly popular Wolfson College Boat Club.

Services for disabled students

Students with disabilities can be accommodated in a variety of ways. can be found on the main campus and in the college’s Annexe located on St Cross Road.

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