Top 5 Medical Universities in Germany in 2023

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Top 5 Medical Universities in Germany | There are 42 public medical universities in Germany that offer a variety of medical degrees. In Germany, there are 39 public universities that offer medical degrees. The fact that they are free and provide the option to pursue doctoral studies are some of the wonderful benefits of that.

Top 5 Medical Universities in Germany

Germany also has extensive infrastructures and research networks. The structure of medical degrees in Germany is such that human medicine training takes at least six years and three months to complete and conclude with the state examination. This examination, if you pass, leads to your official License to Practice Medicine.

1: Technical University of Dresden

The university offers an undergraduate medical degree program with a duration of 12,5 semesters. The language of instruction is German. The studies begin from winter semester.

The requirement for admission is the general high-school graduation certificate or a comparable qualification for admission to higher education.

The international applicants and German applicants with a foreign university admission qualification are advised to read the requirements for German language courses from the website of the university.

Students having foreign higher education entrance qualification that won’t allow immediate admission to any university in Germany, can attend a Studienkolleg (preparatory college) to have the subject-specific university entrance qualification.

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2: University of Augsburg

Research focuses on the two primary fields of Medical Information Sciences and Environmental Health Sciences, which give classical medical research a new lease on life, based on the university’s existing capabilities.

The model course combines pre-clinical and clinical content and gives particular attention to the academic preparation of the students.

The University of Augsburg’s Faculty of Medicine and the Augsburg University Hospital, a facility that provides the highest standard of treatment, are both included in the Augsburg University Medical. In essence, Augsburg offers the same medical education as other schools.

The degree program’s structure, however, is more oriented on the responsibilities and competences needed in medicine than on the traditional academic structure.

This entails that students finish a module called “Sensory Medicine” and that the content related to the respective courses, such as ophthalmology, surgery, laboratory medicine, pathology, or pharmacology, be contributed.

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3: Ruhr- Universitat Bochum

At the University, admission cannot be assured, and an application is necessary in advance due to the limited number of spots. Several admission processes exist.

Following a successful online application, you must frequently check the Admissions Information Portal to see how your process is progressing.

If you are accepted, your letter of admission will be downloaded there, and you must accept your spot promptly. If you want to enroll in a degree program at RUB, you must do it in the proper format and on time, regardless of whether you choose a non-restricted bachelor’s degree or accepted admission to one.

The required document includes letter of admission, university entrance qualification, examination certificate, valid ID Card/passport health insurance certificate.

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4: University of Bonn

Human medicine students learn the fundamentals of how the human body works and about common illnesses. The degree program places a strong emphasis on teaching abilities necessary for medical careers, such as disease diagnosis and treatment.

The promotion of health, disease prevention, and rehabilitation are further crucial areas. The language of instruction is German, and the duration of studies is 12 semesters.

The studies start from the winter semester. The admission requires an abitur and German language proficiency.

Multilingualism and cultural diversity are valued assets at the University of Bonn that support subject-specific credentials. Due to this, students have access to a variety of language-learning opportunities outside of the classroom, such as independent study opportunities at the Center for Language Learning (Sprachlernzentrum, SLZ), where they can independently learn a foreign language or improve their current language abilities.

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5: University of Erlangen-Nurnberg

At the University of Erlangen- Nurnberg, the degree program is of 6 years duration in the German language for instructions. Medical professionals receive scientific and practical instruction at medical school.

After graduation, specialized training in which one concentrates in the relevant field of medicine is still required for self-employment as a physician (general medicine, surgery, etc.).

The curriculum comprises courses in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, and anatomy at the start of the study program, along with the associated necessary internships. The final two semesters of study after ten semesters are followed by a “practical year” (PJ). There are tertials in this, each lasting four months.

Internal medicine and surgery each receive two of these tertials; for the third tertial, students are free to select the subject they would like to study.

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A doctor may work in various hospital departments (such as orthopedics or anesthesia) or as a resident doctor in their own private practice, depending on their area of specialization.

Also, one can work in medical research, public health offices, large corporations as a company doctor, elderly nursing homes, ambulance and rescue services, and public health offices.

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