How To Get Internship In Microsoft?

A Microsoft internship might seem impossible, but if you have the right skills and a passion for technology, an internship with Microsoft might be right for you. How To Get Internship In Microsoft

Know the Basics

The Microsoft Corporation offers a variety of internship programs for high school students and university students, from software engineers to project managers and marketers.

Find the proper role

Take a look at the available internships and decide which one best fits your skills and interests.

High school internship

A paid internship programme is available for high school students in western Washington to work with full-time software engineers.

University internship

PhD internship

Focus on your resume

It’s the first glimpse of your skills, attributes and personality that hiring managers see, so you need to make it count.

Ace The Interview

In general, the interview process can vary according to your application and location, but it will usually go like this:

Get offer from Microsoft

As soon as you’ve survived round interviews, it’s time to breathe a big sigh of relief and wait for the results.

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