Rain, Snow, and Cold Bring Thousands Without Power In California

On Saturday, there was a power outage in the Los Angeles region that affected close to 85,000 homes and businesses.

Storms persisted in battering sections of California, pouring rain and hail in the lowlands and dumping snow on higher altitudes.

The biggest road exiting the city to the north, Interstate 5, remained blocked at the incline.

On Saturday, San Francisco was predicted to suffer record-low temperatures in Northern California.

The Sacramento Valley will see wind gusts up to 50 mph (80 kph) during the next round of storms.

Through Wednesday, Yosemite National Park was closed.

In Southern California, "this is a rare case of a cold, significant storm event,"

Jackson, a forecaster at the NWS Weather Prediction Center said.

On Saturday, scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms were expected to bring rain.

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